You know those days where nothing seems to go right?  When it feels like it’s you against the world?  Sometimes the world wins.  And sometimes, you just need something that will make you smile…


That’s what this site is for.  To (hopefully) give you a little something to smile about when you need it the most.  Because we all need it at some point.


Feel free to use these pictures for your own purposes if you like them.  They aren’t mine, mostly just things I come across on the internet.  If I feel like there needs to be a credit for a picture, I will include it on the post. 


Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  I would love feedback!  If you have any pictures, videos, or quotes to recommend, just drop a comment on one of these pages or a post.  Thanks, and enjoy!



“People are not perfect.  Except when they smile.”


4 thoughts on “About

    • Wow! Thank you sooooo much Tisha! That is amazing, and it’s really nice to know that my blog gets through to people and actually does make a difference! :)

      Can’t thank you enough, I’ll be sure to check out that post!

      xoxoxox, orangepopsicle

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